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  • 27
  • November
  • 2019

Student's impressions of DES Study Trip 2019 to Germany

We would love to begin with our friendly and cheerful group. We were happily surprised from the first day that we arrived in Jena. Robert from FSU university nicely met us at the railway station and brought us to our place. The hotel we stayed in, was great! And the breakfast was delicious!

After we had a good sleep, our journey started to become real. We freshly began our day like true “Jena university” students. We met our main coordinator, wonderful and respectful woman and finally a marvelous person Thea. She helped us with everything starting from hosting and transportation until all the study details. She took care of us with huge respect and love. We want to say a separate huge “Dankeschön” to Thea!

All the productive and interesting lectures with different companies, professors, politicians, visitations of the power station and new german cities made a great impact on our lives and studies. And from all of what was discussed in these meetings, I’m pretty sure that someone from our group will make a useful project in Ukraine.

We realized that this program that Kyiv Mohyla Academy and Jena University is offering is a great opportunity for all of the students that are interested in taking the examples from many aspects in Germany in order to develop Ukraine and finally in changing our world to a better place to live in.

Moreover, we got an opportunity to see Germany from a professional side and as well from a student life with the help of Robert and Lisa from FSU University. With them together, we discovered more Jena, Erfurt and Berlin, heard many different stories about life in Germany and we discussed many interesting topics in our free time. And everyone really enjoyed going to Planetarium. It was a great idea to go there together!

Our group became even closer in Berlin. The lectures were extremely interesting. We learned many new details and solutions about renewable energy, hydrogen strategy and Nord Stream 2.We discussed actual problems and solutions to it, during discussions and even after them, as well. And we enjoyed speaking about it.

To sum it up, the trip was fascinating, full of knowledge and surrounded by wonderful people. Thank everyone, who participated in this trip. The positive attitude that our coordinators and lecturers were spreading made a great impression on us.


Die Gruppe im Thüringer Landtag

 The group of students visiting the Thuringian State Parliament. 

Zusammen mit Prof. Mario Voigt im PoWi-Institut in Jena

Visiting Ukrainian students together with Prof. Mario Voigt at the Political Science Institute of FSU Jena