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German Academic Exchange Service

The DAAD is the world's largest funding organization for the international exchange of students and academics and a main supporter of our educational center.
The German Academic Exchange Service is an intermediary organization of foreign cultural policy, university and science policy as well as development co-operation in the field of higher education.
Since its foundation in 1925, the DAAD has supported more than 1.9 million scientists domestically and abroad. However, its activities extend far beyond scholarships granting; the DAAD promotes the internationalization of German universities, strengthens German Applied Linguistics and German language internationally, supports developing countries in setting up efficient universities and advises the decision-makers on education, foreign science and development policy issues.
The budget comes primarily from federal agencies of various ministries, especially the Foreign Office, the European Union, as well as companies, organizations and foreign governments. The headquarters is located in Bonn, whereas the capital office is situated in Berlin. The DAAD maintains a worldwide network of offices, lecturers and alumni associations. It provides permanent on-site consulting services owing to its external offices and information centers (IC) all around the world. This ensures stronger ties with partners, effective communication and program implementation.
In 2014, the DAAD has funded more than 120,000 Germans and foreigners globally, and this is also to include educational programs of the EU. The offer ranges from one study-year abroad for young students to the doctoral studies, from the internship to the visiting-lecturer residence, from the consulting visits to the establishment of universities abroad. Voluntary independent selection committees whose members are appointed by the DAAD Management Board in accordance with certain principles make the funding decisions. The DAAD uses marketing services, publications, events and training courses as one of the ways to support international activities of German universities.